Applicant Letter

First, thank you for your interest in the Virtual Blue Angels 2016 team! The process of joining our ranks begins with your submission of the below application. Please carefully read this section, as submission of the application form will indicate to us that you have fully read and understood the information provided to you herein. It is very important to us that the information you provide is accurate, honest, and complete.

Be aware that as a Virtual Blue Angel applicant, candidate, and team member you would be required to maintain working, compatible versions of some computer software, and that doing so may necessitate the purchase and/or downloading of such software. The Virtual Blue Angels will not be able to reimburse the cost of these items, nor will they be able to guarantee the safety of any downloaded files. Additionally, purchasing and maintaining the hardware compliment necessary to participate in various stages of the application process is your responsibility.

The following is a list of software required for you to participate in the flight evaluation portion of the application process. By submitting this application form, you are confirming possession and functionality of these items:

  • DCS: World Open Alpha (2.x.x)
  • DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map
  • Flaming Cliffs 3 or F-15C for DCS World
  • The latest version of Teamspeak 3

In order to meet the availability requirements of a demanding practice schedule, applicants must reside between the GMT-9 and GMT-3 timezones. Exceptions will be entertained on a case-by-case basis. Should you reside outside that limit, but feel you could meet the availability requirements of the team, please explain your situation in detail in the Miscellaneous section of the application. Additionally, legal concerns require that all applicants be at least 18 years of age at the time of application submission. We also ask that you have an active Virtual Blue Angels forum account at the time of submitting your application.

The very nature of what we do brings an inherit association with the Blue Angels in the eyes of the general public. The Virtual Blue Angels do not have any official affiliation with the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron; however, we take very seriously the responsibility of upholding the same standards of dedication, professionalism, and excellence. We are looking for individuals who not only posess the skillset required to fly or support the flight demonstration, but the character and maturity necessary to receive and apply constructive criticism, support a close­knit team dynamic, and credibly represent the core values and legacy of the Blue Angels. For this reason, our application process can take several months, and consists of a pre­interview application screening by the entire team, an initial interview and flight evaluation, and a 60­day evaluation period for those selected as candidates. Selection as a Virtual Blue Angel is by unanimous vote only.

Please complete the attached questionnaire, and submit only after careful and thoughtful review. Your reponses to the questions serve to give us a first look at who you are as an applicant.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the application process or hardware/software setup required prior to a tryout.

Best wishes, and good luck. We look forward to meeting you!

Applications that do not follow the instructions above will be summarily rejected.
Please note this application is designed for PC or tablet resolutions.
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